Call Forwarding

Never miss a call by forwarding your incoming calls when you are unavailable.

This option allows you to set up a transfer for your incoming calls to an external number of your choice, even when you are out of office, working from home, or on the go. Set up a company or team based forwarding rule for calls to be sent to any phone number in the world whenever this rule is met.

Stay Professional

Our call forwarding feature allows you to serve your customers round-the clock by forwarding all your calls to your team’s phone numbers in case the team was offline or you received calls out of your working hours.This will add a sense of professionalism, given that you are picking up all of your customers calls round the clock without them noticing that the call is being forwarded to your team’s phone number.

Ensure No Calls Are Missed

You will never miss any important call with this feature enabled, and you will be able to accommodate your clients at all times

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Concurrent Conversations

Simultaneously handle multiple customer interactions with a single number.

Call Transcription

Use keywords to find the right recording without the hassle of going over all your call recordings.

After Call Work (ACW)

Give your team enough time to finalize any call related matters without missing a new call.

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