API Integrations

Power up your customer service with our complete open API solutions.

As a growing business we are sure you have your own way of running your operations that you have reached over the years. Since no product can cater to the exact approach of every single business, our team developed a wide range of APIs (Application Programming Interface) that will enable your engineers to integrate Maqsam within your systems and utilize its potential to the full. This will of course increase and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the team. There are no limits on what your team can build with our continuously growing set of APIs. Offering industry leading APIs that allow you to connect, sync and share your data with other systems. Our API is designed for flexibility, ease of use and accuracy. It enables seamless integration with third party applications and ensures consistent quality of data in all your connected systems.

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Fully Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customize and build your own IVR flow that works best for your business and guide your callers through to the designated function.

Sentiment Analysis

Make use of artificial intelligence to get a thorough understanding of the overall sentiment during conversations between your team and customers.

Call Whispering

Drop in on live calls between the customer and agent and coach your agent in real time on the call.

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